Palm Beach Gardens, FL – August 22, 2014 – TBC Brands, one of the world’s largest marketers of
private brand tires, is adding three new tire lines to the Dynacargo medium radial truck tire program.
The new lines, Dynacargo Y208FE Long Haul Steer, Dynacargo Y201FE Regional All Position, and
Dynacargo Y631 provide additional market coverage to independent and fleet customers and are all
covered by Dynacargo Medium Truck Tire Limited Warranty.

The Dynacargo Y208FE is available in six of the most popular long haul sizes and features a five-rib tread
pattern. It also has special tread compounds that promote even wear and traction in the steer axle
position. Dynacargo’s Y208FE is equipped with multiple sipes and decoupling grooves that enhance tire
wear and traction for long haul applications.

The Dynacargo Y201FE is also available in six popular sizes and features a five-rib tread pattern. The
Y201 FE’s enhanced siping, side grooves, and wide shoulders allow for premium traction in both wet and
dry conditions.

TBC is also introducing the Dynacargo Y631 wide-base, mixed-service line. This will be released in the
385/65R22.5 size category – additional sizes are in development. The Y631 features an aggressive multipurpose
tread design ideal for on- and off-highway applications. The large tread elements of the Y631
improve handling and traction while the heavy duty belt package and under-tread increases durability,
uniform wear, and stability.

Two of the new Dynacargo lines are SmartWay verified – the Dynacargo Y208 FE Long Haul Steer, and
the Dynacargo Y201 FE Regional All Position. “These tires are excellent additions to TBC’s ever-growing
line of SmartWay verified tires – it’s just the start for the Dynacargo TBC lineup,” remarked Brad Feeney,
manager of commercial tires for TBC Brands. “ SmartWay verification represents an immediate costsavings
to our fleet customers because the low-rolling resistance of these tires reduces fuel expense.
TBC will continue to develop the Dynacargo line of FE tires.”

The Dynacargo program is part of TBC Brands’ comprehensive commercial tire program for the
replacement and OE markets. Dynacargo offers independent wholesaler and commercial tire dealers a
unique combination of quality and value.

For more information on Dynacargo’s products, visit www.dynacargotires.com or call: 866-238-6469.